the portable and wireless printer that needs no ink; polaroids pogo

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Anyone who has ever used  or owned a Polaroid Instant camera back in the day will know how convenient it was to have a picture immediately after taking it to show to friends, family and the like. Today its still easy to create instant snaps in a social environment, typically with a mobile phone.

Polaroid introduced their Polaroid Pogo. One of the first pocket sized portable printers. The pogo is inkless, and uses an imaging technology called ZINC which stands for Zero INK. Three layers of transparent crystals, coated on the ZINK paper activated by thermal heating from the pogo device heats the areas of the paper to produce the appropriate colours.

The campaign was centered around 16-24  festival and event goers. I created a full 360 campaign that captured its portability and defined what types of people would use a pogo typically. The website encouraged users to click through a series of short questions which would determine the type of pogo user they were. They were then rewarded with a short music video based on their answers. Online ads directed users to sites where they could purchase online. Social media engagement utilised Pogo ambassadors who created online community for events. And promotional print material was produced to hand out during festivals directing festival goers to Pogo stands where they could connect their phones and print out their own photos from the events.


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