what do transit vans and catwalks have in common? a lot apparently

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Ford launched their new range of Transits at the Hannover, Germany Motorshow.

The new Transit range ethos was to make the drive a more driver centric experience. Moving away from a van like drive. This was achived by the use of new technologies, ergonomic designs, and high quality finish and materials.

To highlight this, a fashion show was organised on the day of the reveal to bring comparable emphasis on the high quality of materials and design process used in the new Transits, to that of a high street fashion.

My brief, to blur the line between the two worlds. This was achieved by juxtaposing abstract visuals of fashion materials, and that of the Ford Transits, creating a animation that would be shown at the background of the catwalk as a visual aid.

passing of the olympic torch

Samsung 2012 Olympic torch activation

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