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I worked with health brand agency Hive Health Group to concept and brand a new hand eczema medication. Unfortunately due to legal requirements, Im restricted in naming the brand and very limited with what I can share but I can show the hero visual image that is currently been used within assets.

I was heavily involved across all spectrums of the brand development, from paper and digital detail aids, exhibition standees to email templates, brand guidelines and moving imagery. But through out, the hero image was key.  It needed to be versatile to work across POS, satisfy Health Care Professionals, inspire patients and wow the client. I was challenged as the sole creative partnered with a senior copywriter to bring the brand to life. We worked closely on numerous concept developments and sketches, going through plenty of iterations.

For the final execution, I briefed a world renowned photography agency and then worked directly with a digital artist to make sure the image itself was perfect.


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