Im a subscriber to ‘Medium’. A blog of sorts that has a plethora of writings about anything and everything from people all over the world. I came across it through a tweet of a tweet of a tweet. And now, can easily spend an afternoon reading, learning and being inspired by the many wonderful insights.

Secretly, I’ve always wanted to post on the site. But 1. My writing is appalling. And 2. Honestly…Im afraid of trolls and negatizers (yeah i know thats not a word). But only just last week I came across this tweet on my twitter feed “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” ~ Aristotle. What resonated with me is the ‘be nothing’ part. Im not sure if my interpretation of it is correct, but i took the ‘be nothing’ part personally. I dont want to be nothing, so if it meant facing criticisms about my opinions, thoughts, writing, spelling and proper grammar so be it.

This morning I read the absolutely fantastic write up by Winnie Lim on Medium called The Power of your writing. And well all i can say is that this is my response. And hopefully a beginning too. I have often written small personal pieces for myself to re-read at a later time, but have never once felt i had the courage to post it. I have always found reading from good writers intimidating, they have the power to make you laugh, cry, to change your opinion. And like designers and creatives who publish their amazing work on dribbble and Behance, I can often find it off putting creating resentment and a self doubting perspective. So I rarely visiting them as much as I did, and if I do, its really to get freebies (just being honest here).

I digress, Winnie Lim’s piece was truly what I needed. Like a favourite school teacher showing genuine belief in your ability. It was uplifting, and perfect for a Monday morning. I wont go into detail only to say its a must read. A MUST. And for me, I will use this hopefully as a stepping stone, and learn to write as I write.

  1. Katie

    I came to your blog hoping to find the very thing you’re afraid of. I came to seek out your thoughts and musings because there is nothing more wonderful than the inner workings and vulnerability of a creative mind. You should write. You have a story, and you have a gift. I look forward to seeing more posts like that. Be brave Gus, nobody is going to criticise you more than you criticise yourself. Merry Christmas