So this was an interesting little find. Heals, in London’s Tottenham Court Road recently launched a new digital interactive feature in store. Using Samsung Galaxy Tabs with NFC chips, customers tap them on hotspots next to or on furnishings to pull up rich content about the product. They can then explore things like colour options and angles. Whats really good is it also allows the customer to save favourites and then email it to themselves for later viewing.

At the time I was in the store they were literally setting up the whole experience, so there was only a handful of Tab devices about. This would be an issue if the store got busy, say like on a Saturday afternoon, and  having only a handful of devices could annoy some customers who are waiting to use it. My only real concern would be securing the devices back on their charge platform after use.  The onus would be on the customer to put it back, once they’ve finished with it, but you know how some people are. I wouldn’t surprise at all if a couple went missing at the end of the day.

That said it was really nice to see Heals taking a digital leap forward. Personally I would’ve liked to have seen this work on personal devices through an app of sorts. Maybe using ibeacon or bluetooth technology as supporting.