I was pleasantly amused this morning when I got on my local bus to work. As normal the lower deck was already jam packed with commuters so I headed upstairs to grab a seat.

As I reached the top I came across this seating indicator.

This is new to me, and normally I tend to stay ahead of digital trends but I sat transfixed at the screen as people sat and alighted from their seats. I think I was the only one amazed about its introduction and I began counting the number of spare seats and referencing the location with the number of passengers there were.

It was pretty accurate give or take one or two people. But before I had a chance to work out how it was doing the tracking my stop had arrived. But I’m guessing the onboard cameras have been upgraded with some sort of positioning software that tracks heads in relation to seating location.

This type of technology is quite remarkable in that it’s been used on a bus. Travelling around London is costly and can be time consuming. I’m still not sure if this is a cost effective use of this type of technology, and with the amount of cctv that tracks us out and about on the streets anyway, this just feels like another encroachment into your individual space.