sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to take the initiative.

idioms ~ “take the initiative”; to activate oneself to do something even if one has not been asked to do it

Gus Nwanya-Aliyu

Integrated Creative / Art director / designer

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Belief I consider myself a multi-disciplined creative; skills at all levels of creativity. I belive that freeing creatives from labels of what they consider themselves to be, be that a designer, UX expert, illustrator, animator, concept developer or art director frees up any limitations, opening up more opportunities to exceed expectations and continue to grow in experience and skill development.



I started out as graphic designer with motion and digital experience, learning and developing an understanding for visual communication, stylizing and most importantly problem solving. Over the last 12 years, my versatility, knowledge and skill set has enabled me to work across multiple channels for multiple brands. Delivering solutions, creative experiences, interactive engagements and products.

My areas of expertise

illustration illustration
experiential experiential
ideation ideation
concept/UK concept/UK
photography photography
film/atl film/atl
digital/responive digital/responive
app development app development
creative direction creative direction

Knowledge being the key

Pen & Layoutpad
Adobe Creative
Cinema 4D
Film & editing
sketch app


Today I work with clients to identify their needs, communicate with planners to develop strategies, partner with creatives to mould ideas, sit with designers to solve visual problems, learn from developers to make sure things work the way they should. And ultimately think like the consumer bringing enjoyable experiences, and tangible results.

resume resume